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Indications for orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics primarily corrects spaced or overlapping teeth. This treatment can then correct jaws that are misaligned. Similarly, it is indicated to repair teeth that are poorly articulated when chewing. It sometimes responds to a facial asymmetry and is a solution to relieve some respiratory problems.

Duration of treatment

The duration depends mainly on the patient's age, the extent of the dental disorder and the technique used. It includes regular appointments at the office, scheduled over a few months or several years. In most cases, orthodontic treatment for adults takes longer than for children and adolescents.

The main devices

Orthodontic fixed appliances

These are dental braces, appliances that correct the alignment of the teeth. In detail, they are an effective response to various types of dental and/or skeletal malocclusions. These fixed braces are commonly known as dental braces, which can be made of metal or ceramic brackets.

Orthodontic removable appliances

These braces have the ability to move one or more misplaced teeth, even if they are not as accurate as their removable counterparts. They are unique in that they can be worn prior to fixed braces, concurrently or independently to resolve specific problems.

Retention appliances

A distinction is also made between retainers, which are usually prescribed after the removal of an orthodontic appliance. These custom-made medical devices consist of a plastic base and metal wires that cover the outside of the teeth to help preserve the new tooth alignment.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment

An orthodontic treatment has one or more benefits for its beneficiary.
First of all, it guarantees good dental hygiene as it simplifies routine maintenance, allows the teeth to be properly realigned and limits problems such as cavities and tooth loss.
Then, it facilitates chewing and swallowing, thus restoring the patient's lost comfort at mealtimes. The orthodontist intervenes on the forces of tension and pressure, with the aim of improving dental positions in the long term.
In addition, an orthodontic treatment allows for better phonation and promotes more harmonious facial aesthetics.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment

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