General dentistry

Maintaining optimal oral health is essential.

Our dentists guarantee you the best general dentistry care in Luxembourg, in our dental clinics located in Strassen and Esch-sur-Alzette.

General dentistry

Check-up and dental scalar

First of all, we receive you for a general dental check-up and diagnostic visit. This includes diagnosing possible caries, easily identifying the presence of mouth ulcers and removing tartar that has accumulated over the last few months. Ideally, this painless treatment should be carried out once or twice a year. 

Treatment of caries

The dentist determines the appropriate type of care based on the type of caries. A simple treatment is sufficient to treat a weakly developed cavity, i.e. when it has not affected only the enamel and dentin. After removing it, he cleans, disinfects the cavity, applies the protective care and the filling material. In the case of deep caries, he is forced to devitalize the affected tooth


These are then interventions inherent to operative dentistry such as restorations.
These include composite restorations, which have the advantage that they can be used on both front and back teeth. What are their indications? There are many different ones! This type of white filling is primarily useful to replace an amalgam filling. Similarly, it effectively fills a cavity left after treatment of a cavity. Furthermore, the dental surgeon can request this restoration to correct a malposition, an enamel defect or to fill a tooth altered by the phenomenon of attrition.
The practitioner can also use ceramic restorations, a material that has the advantage of being biocompatible. It can be used to consolidate a tooth that is painful because of a crack or to strengthen a weakened tooth, whether it is a broken canine, molar or pre-molar, or even a tooth that has been affected by significant decay.
Both types of restoration have an undeniable aesthetic dimension.

Periodontal Surgery

Root canal treatment is essential when the pulp of the tooth is infected. This condition is most often caused by a broken tooth or trauma. The infection usually develops when the patient has not bothered to treat the decay quickly at the dentist's office. Inflammation can lead to abscesses and cause severe pain.
The pain can disrupt sleep, intensifies with both heat and cold, and increases during meals and when chewing food. 

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