Dental emergencies

You have a dental emergency? A broken tooth, a painful abscess, toothache... and you don't know what to do?

Our medical staff will take care of your dental emergency in Luxembourg. Whatever the problem you are facing, we will determine the treatment adapted to your problem, in one of our practices located in Strassen and Esch-sur-Alzette.

Dental emergencies

A broken tooth

The extent of the trauma is assessed by the dentist. If necessary, while waiting for definitive treatment, he adjusts the broken tooth in order to limit the load. He may remove a loose piece and polish the sharp part, or even rebuild the tooth with a restorative material (composite, ceramic, etc.). However, in some cases, this treatment is not possible. In these cases, the dentist will remove the tooth. Root canal treatment is performed when the tooth is very painful or when a large area of the pulp is affected.


The signs

Patients also ask us in emergency for the treatment of gingivitis. This phenomenon reflects the inflammation of the gums, it occurs when plaque and tartar are deposited in too large quantities.
What about the symptoms? If many people do not react immediately, it is because gingivitis does not cause pain. When inflammation occurs, the gums become very red and white spots appear.

The importance of treatment

After examining your mouth, the dentist will perform a scaling. The dentist will also take the opportunity to give you some advice on the choice of toothbrush and the brushing method used. A neglected gingivitis is likely to develop into periodontitis. In addition, the gums sometimes end up retracting, resulting in the formation of pockets in which bacteria can proliferate, weakening the alveolar bone and causing the adhesion between the tooth and the periodontium to weaken, leading to tooth loosening.

A toothache

Several factors can lead to toothache. In some cases, this phenomenon is caused by a pulpitis, exposure of the nerve to pressure or a bacterial disease. In some cases, it is a dental abscess, which is explained by the accumulation of pus in a pocket of the gums. Other causes of tooth rabies include gas gangrene and food compaction.
In any case, if the pain does not disappear by taking painkillers, you are advised to consult a dentist in our dental centre in Luxembourg.

A toothache

A dental problem?

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