The dental implant is the base that can replace your root.

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The dental implant: the indications

The dental implant acts as an artificial root, which takes the form of a screw made of titanium or zirconia. It is inserted into the alveolar bone and replaces one or more missing teeth. This medical device can be indicated after the extraction of a tooth, but also after the bone and gum have healed. 

Implant treatment

Examination and placement of the implant

The installation of a dental implant requires several distinct steps. First, the dental surgeon performs a careful examination of the patient's mouth to determine the indication and feasibility of implant placement. In some cases, a CT scan may be used to make a diagnosis. The therapeutic solution, its duration and cost are presented to the patient at the end of the examination, as well as the risks potentially incurred, even if they remain minimal.
If the estimate is accepted, it is possible to schedule the procedure. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and usually causes very little pain. The duration of the operation varies according to the complexity of the procedure (number and location of the implants, volume of bone available etc.).

The installation of the prosthesis and the surgical suites

The healing phase, called osseointegration, begins just after leaving the dental centre. The bone gradually rebuilds around the implant, without generating pain for the patient. The practitioner frequently proposes the installation of a temporary prosthesis for aesthetic considerations. This phase is essential, it will guarantee the placement of new teeth and ensure their optimal stability.
At the end of this phase, the practitioner is ready to place the artificial tooth which is made by a prosthetist. The follow-up phase guarantees the durability of the implant and limits the risk of complications. In particular, the patient is reminded to maintain exemplary oral hygiene.

The benefits of dental implants

First of all, the installation of a dental implant is accompanied by an undeniable aesthetic contribution, it faithfully imitates a natural tooth.
Secondly, the treatment makes chewing much easier and therefore makes meals much more enjoyable. If an ill-fitting dental prosthesis can disturb your speech, the dental implant frees you from this pitfall.
In addition, the dental implant is extremely durable and contributes to good oral health. In fact, its installation does not imply the modification of existing teeth, a procedure that in some cases has harmful consequences.

The benefits of dental implants

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