Dental whitening

Give your smile back its radiance!

Your dull teeth are giving you a complex, our dentist is going to make you want to smile again.

Dental whitening
When the brightness and whiteness of your teeth reflect your personality

dazzling smile starts with dazzling white teeth. Your teeth can lose their brightness for a variety of reasons, whether due to your diet, colored drinks like tea or coffee, smoking, or simply the passage of time. To restore your teeth to their perfect shade, tooth whitening is necessary. Whether you opt for in-office or at-home bleaching, this technique brightens the inner color of your teeth, restoring their radiance and brilliance. To avoid the risk of overdosing, this treatment should be carried out by a dentist, with guaranteed medical follow-up..

Get a radiant smile with professional teeth whitening!

Do you dream of whiter, brighter teeth? Look no further! Our dental centers in Luxembourg offer teeth whitening sessions carried out by experienced professionals.

Whether you're bothered by the color of your teeth, want to regain your self-confidence or simply want to improve your dental aesthetics, our team will give you a radiant smile.

We understand that every person is unique, which is why we tailor treatment to your specific medical situation. As we age, naturally yellowish dentin becomes more visible, giving teeth a yellow or grayish tint. Our professional tooth whitening can reverse this process and give you back your radiant smile.

Two techniques are available: outpatient bleaching or chairside bleaching. Tooth whitening works by applying a tooth whitening gel that acts as a whitening agent on the enamel on the surface of the tooth and the dentin just below. This gel never touches the tooth pulp, as it is precisely dosed by your dentist. Made from peroxide, this whitening agent will lighten the shade of your teeth by attacking the dark molecules that have accumulated on tooth enamel. The higher the concentration, the more effective the tooth whitening product.


Our dental practices are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to offer you innovative chairside whitening. Chairside whitening is not a trivial procedure, and must be performed with precision by your dentist. Your dentist will apply a whitening gel to which a light beam will be shone, while the patient's gums are completely protected.

Chairside whitening is fast and effective, but the back molars cannot be reached. The cost of chairside teeth whitening varies according to the number of sessions (3 sessions maximum in a single day, or 4 sessions over 2 days), and will be explained to you in detail at the dental office, according to your needs, as will the advice to be applied to restore an aesthetic smile and whiter teeth.


Ambulatory whitening is first carried out in the office, using the same trays, and then continued at home, using a lower-dose hydrogen peroxide gel. The trays are best worn during the day, and can last from 15 minutes to an hour a day, depending on the dentist's prescription. The treatment takes place at the dentist's home, as it is less concentrated than the whitening gel used in the dental office.

Your dentist will make an impression of your teeth, from which he or she will create flexible, custom-made trays, which will then be filled at home with the whitening product and worn for a period of time determined with your practitioner, strictly and under medical supervision. This technique allows you to focus on areas that are darker than others, lightening them further. Tooth whitening treatment lasts around ten days, depending on the sensitivity of the patient's teeth.

The interest of tooth whitening and the public concerned

Causes of a loss of whiteness

Various parameters are involved in the evolution of the colour of the teeth. First of all, the outer layer of the tooth, called the enamel, decreases in thickness, revealing the natural yellow tint of the dentin. Genetic reasons and the use of certain medications may then explain the progressive loss of whiteness of the teeth.
Other factors can alter the original shade of the teeth. We mainly think about dental care (devitalization etc.) as well as our contemporary lifestyles (smoking, sweet foods, coffee etc.).


While many people are affected by the above-mentioned pitfalls, not everyone has the opportunity to have their teeth whitened. In particular, it is contraindicated for those with tooth hypersensitivity, wear lesions or simply untreated cavities.

The technique

Before whitening your teeth, the practitioner detects possible cavities, makes fillings and redoes those that he considers not tight enough. Indeed, it is essential that the whitening gel cannot come into contact with the ivory of the teeth.
After scaling, he applies a cream designed to preserve the mucous membranes and the skin of the face.

The alternative is to apply compresses around the mouth. The neck of the teeth and the gums must also be protected before whitening the teeth. Once these steps have been completed, the dentist is ready to apply the whitening gel to the teeth. He uses a lamp equipped with a laser beam, which generates a light that helps open the pores of the enamel and facilitates the penetration of the photosensitive product.

The advantages of laser tooth whitening

For starters, by opting for this solution at the expense of a home treatment, you don't have to wear gutters all night long. What's more, the first results can be immediately appreciated when you leave the dental centre.
If you hesitate between chairside whitening in Esch-sur-Alzette or Strassen and another even more accessible solution, you should know that this treatment remains by far the most effective. It is in no way comparable to the use of a toothpaste with a whitening action or the products used in smile bars, which only offer results for a few weeks.
Furthermore, this treatment is biocompatible and therefore poses no health risks. 

The advantages of laser tooth whitening
Ambulatory whitening Pack

Allows you to change the shade of your teeth and add radiance to your smile. Tooth whitening isn't just a fad, it's also a guarantee of good health, joie de vivre, elegance and charm.

Getting brighter teeth or boosting previous teeth whitening.

At home
Illuminates the face
White teeth guaranteed

This package includes the creation of your customized mouth tray and the supply of a teeth whitening kit.

Scaling + Consultation to take an impression of your mouth tray.
Dental bleaching consultation if you're not sure whether bleaching is right for you.

Preliminary scaling session if necessary.

Ambulatoire teeth whitening package price 

                                   495 €

Formule Blanchiment dentaire au Fauteuil 

Brightens teeth in a single session.
Significant, long-lasting results.

Anyone who needs teeth whitening fast.

1 session Immediate results

Tooth whitening consultation if you're not sure whether whitening is right for you.

NOT INCLUDED Scaling session if necessary

Price per session, maximum 3 sessions per appointment:

      199 € (1 session)
        299 € (2 sessions)
        399 € (3 sessions) 
   450 € (over two appointments)

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