Dental whitening

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Would you like to benefit from a tooth whitening treatment in Luxembourg? We welcome you whenever you wish in one of our dental centres in Strassen or Esch-sur-Alzette.

Dental whitening

The interest of tooth whitening and the public concerned

Causes of a loss of whiteness

Various parameters are involved in the evolution of the colour of the teeth. First of all, the outer layer of the tooth, called the enamel, decreases in thickness, revealing the natural yellow tint of the dentin. Genetic reasons and the use of certain medications may then explain the progressive loss of whiteness of the teeth.
Other factors can alter the original shade of the teeth. We mainly think about dental care (devitalization etc.) as well as our contemporary lifestyles (smoking, sweet foods, coffee etc.).


While many people are affected by the above-mentioned pitfalls, not everyone has the opportunity to have their teeth whitened. In particular, it is contraindicated for those with tooth hypersensitivity, wear lesions or simply untreated cavities.

The technique

Before whitening your teeth, the practitioner detects possible cavities, makes fillings and redoes those that he considers not tight enough. Indeed, it is essential that the whitening gel cannot come into contact with the ivory of the teeth.
After scaling, he applies a cream designed to preserve the mucous membranes and the skin of the face.

The alternative is to apply compresses around the mouth. The neck of the teeth and the gums must also be protected before whitening the teeth. Once these steps have been completed, the dentist is ready to apply the whitening gel to the teeth. He uses a lamp equipped with a laser beam, which generates a light that helps open the pores of the enamel and facilitates the penetration of the photosensitive product.

The advantages of laser tooth whitening

For starters, by opting for this solution at the expense of a home treatment, you don't have to wear gutters all night long. What's more, the first results can be immediately appreciated when you leave the dental centre.
If you hesitate between chairside whitening in Esch-sur-Alzette or Strassen and another even more accessible solution, you should know that this treatment remains by far the most effective. It is in no way comparable to the use of a toothpaste with a whitening action or the products used in smile bars, which only offer results for a few weeks.
Furthermore, this treatment is biocompatible and therefore poses no health risks. 

The advantages of laser tooth whitening

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