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Among the care we provide is the endodontic treatment of a tooth in Luxembourg. This kind of intervention takes place in one of our dental centres located in Strassen and Esch-sur-Alzette.


What is endodontics?

Endodontics is the name given to the treatment of the contents of a tooth. The first step is to remove the roots of the diseased nerve, because it remains incurable. Then the procedure consists of cleaning and disinfecting the roots. The dentist uses biological materials to replace the missing nerve. Finally, endodontics refers to nothing more than the devitalization process that we perform on our patients who need it in Luxembourg.

The benefits of root canal treatment

A dental professional recommends this dental care when the tooth is infected or necrotic. The consequences can be particularly harmful to health if left untreated. The proliferation of bacteria in the roots is likely to develop abscesses in the bone, which may fill with pus. Bacteria frequently cause inflammation and infection of the dental pulp, which can lead to its destruction.
If left untreated, tooth necrosis can spread to the bone around the roots and result in a tooth abscess. An infected root canal can cause sinusitis and even more serious damage, such as endocarditis and septicemia.

Indications for endodontics

Think you need a root canal for one of your teeth? There are several reasons why your dentist may decide to have orthodontic treatment.
First of all, he or she may not have recourse to this treatment when he or she finds that a cavity has reached the dental pulp.
He also uses this treatment when irreversible pulpitis occurs, following a trauma.
Root canal treatment is also appropriate for certain restorations. We are thinking in particular of such a procedure that requires intervention too close to the nerve.

The technique

To begin, the practitioner removes what remains of infected or potentially infected living tissue inside the tooth (dental pulp).
He continues the treatment by scraping the inside surface of the pulp canals and injecting a disinfectant solution, this is the root cleaning step.
The root canal system is shaped so that the irrigation solution can be spread everywhere, and then it is dried.
The endodontic treatment concludes with the completion of the root canal filling. This is done by injecting a kind of cement into the canal.
The advantage of root canal treatment is that it is painless, as it is performed under anaesthesia. 

Endodontics: the technique

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